The Career Opportunities in Massage Therapy

Most people know and understand the benefits of getting a massage.  The stress relief that a massage brings to the body as well as the mind has been recognized and even prescribed by health providers.  Whether the person requesting the massage is competing on a world stage or is a weekend warrior, the benefits of a massage can be felt before, during, and after a workout.  Therefore, there are many opportunities for a career in massage therapy if one begins and completes a massage training course.

Massage Training

Many people throughout the world are using therapeutic massage therapy to improve their health and performance in their everyday life.  The positive benefits of massage therapy range from pain relief from stressed muscles, additional healing from injury, lower blood pressure, and even release from emotional pain that is stored in muscles.  Once a massage therapist has completed a massage training course, there are many different career paths that the therapist can take such as working for a cruise ship, hospital, rehabilitation center, or even start a practice of their own.

Massage training courses are available at various institutes throughout the country and can provide an exciting opportunity to participate in sporting events by offering massage services to athletes of all shapes and sizes.  As recently as the 2015 Australian Open, trainers who are experienced in the art of massage therapy were often called onto the court during matches to provide services to the players to release tension and pain in key muscle groups.  And of course, both before and after the matches, the tennis players were provided with stress relieving massages to allow them to play at their best as well as heal quickly.

There are many different types of massage therapy that one can learn during the massage training courses including, but not limited to, deep tissue massages, Swedish massages, full body massages, pre-natal massages, and hot stone massages.  Massage training courses draw upon philosophies that have been developed over many generations such as eastern styles, acupressure, and movement based massages.   Depending upon the patient that is requesting the massage, the therapist can draw upon their massage training and specific techniques learned to identify and develop a therapy that will work specifically to address the patient’s needs.

Massage training courses can often involve many hours of training which usually takes about two years to complete.  The student will learn the history of massage, ethical practices, and how the different parts of the body work together.  The student will learn how to address imbalances by studying the physiology of the body and how to evaluate common injuries and their prevention.  There will be many opportunities to practice on real people and gain feedback on the therapy that is provided for individual problems.

Once the massage training course is completed, the therapist will be required to obtain accreditation for the skills that they have learned.  There are many different levels of certification that one can obtain to allow therapists to legally offer their services to people in need at various institutions and gain practice in their field.


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