Learning Thai language is made much easier

Thai language, also called as Siamese language, is spoken by a majority of Thai people. This happens to be the official language of Thailand. This language is also called as Central Thai language. Interestingly, Thai language contains several dialects of Sanskrit, Pali and old Khmer languages. These dialects can be found in considerable number in the Thai language. Now, there are several schools or institutions that conduct courses on this language. Some of the institutions even conduct online courses for the benefit those who are keen to learn Thai language.

Tonal langage:

Thai language is also known as a tonal language. Tones are grouped as low tone, mid tone, high tone, rising tone and falling tone.  The same word can have different meanings depending on the tone in which the word is pronounced. Therefore, it needs a considerable amount of practice and interaction with the locals before you can speak fluent Thai language.

Classroom/online courses:

In order to learn Thai language, you can either opt for a classroom course or an online course. The classroom courses give you the benefit of direct interaction with the teachers. However, in the online courses, your interaction will be during the exclusive timing as mentioned in the course content.

Brief introduction on the course content and some of the facilities available to learn Thai language are explained here:

  • The course content should consist of introduction to Thai language, the alphabets, spoken language and so on. Further, every student must be provided with well prepared study materials. Study materials should consist of printed matters as well as audio education tools like the DVD. This will help the students to effectively learn Thai language.
  • Every student enrolling for learning Thai language aims to speak the language as fluently as possible. To achieve this, the training institution should give enough emphasis on the spoken language. As already said, the student on his part should interact with some Thai language speaking local people. This will help the student to learn the language much faster.
  • The classes should be conducted by professional teachers with adequate knowledge of Thai language. The teacher must be fluent in English and some of the other languages like French, Spanish and so on. This will help the foreign students to effectively interact with the teacher to learn the language.
  • For the benefit of students coming from far-off places or from overseas, the institution should provide adequate facilities for accommodation and boarding facilities. The accommodation so provided should be very near to the campus. Further, the institution should have a well equipped library. Students coming from overseas can obtain an education visa. The student may not face any hitch in this type of visa.

·        It is always ideal to look for institutions that are registered with the appropriate government agencies. This will give authenticity to the certificate you have got from the training institution.

Online courses:

Online courses will also have all these benefits. One of the advantages of learning online courses is that you can learn at the time convenient to you. The course fee depends on the duration of the course and various other factors.


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